Top5 Most Creative People in Movies and Television
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Ed Leonard
Chief technology officer, DreamWorks Animation

Making Shrek come alive, guiding the 20 million hours of computing time to build Kung Fu Panda, or putting the amoeba-like B.O.B. into 3-D for Monsters vs. Aliens


Tyler Perry
Owner, Tyler Perry Studios

His seven films, which rarely cost more than $20 million, have grossed upward of $300 million combined--four of them opened at No. 1--and sold 25 million DVDs.


JJ Abrams
Writer of lost and producer of star trek

"It's intriguing to play with exactly when you learn elements in a story," says the Emmy-winning writer-director-producer, referring to Lost, his biggest hit on the small screen. "It engages audience members in a puzzle where they begin to question everything. It makes them look for clues in what they're watching in a way traditional narrative doesn't."


James Schamus
Chief executive officer, Focus Features

In addition to being a CEO, he's a veteran screenwriter, Columbia University film professor, producer, marketer, distributor, and sometime composer.


Rich Ross
President, Disney Channels Worldwide

A lifelong TV addict, Ross has expanded Disney's channels beyond the box into film, radio, mobile, and online. But he'll be remembered most for unleashing Hannah Montana and High School Musical on the world.
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